How do I sign up?

It’s easy!Once you are on Cric You can either download our application or register by filling out a short form or login/register instantly with your Facebook or Google+ account.

Why can’t I login to my account?

Please check whether your registered e-mail address and password are entered correctly and try again. If you've forgotten your password, click on 'Forgot Password', enter your registered email ID and we’ll send you a link shortly to reset your password via e-mail. If you've forgotten your registered email id, reach out to us via our Business Whatsapp or write us on info@Cric Our Customer Support team will be happy to assist you.

How many accounts can I create with the same email id on Cric

You can create only one account with one email id on Cric Creation of multiple accounts by a single user is strictly prohibited and violates our Fair Play policy. And it will be considered as Fraud, We can always suspend the account in case it is found by our team on our system.

Can I update / edit my information?

Yes, you can! Simply log into Cric or enter the app user profile screen ;and click on ‘Edit Profile’ on the top-right corner of the page. You will be able to update/edit your full name and mobile number and your Avatar. You can also edit your date of birth, address and state if your Cric Deck account is ‘Unverified’. Remember, the team name chosen by you and the e-mail ID and phone number once registered cannot be changed.

I’m sure I've got the right username and password but I still can't log in.

That’s strange but we will help guide you! If you are a registered user on Cric and are entering the correct details, please reach out to us via our Business Whatsap or write us on info@Cric Customer Support team will be happy to assist you.

I did not get any confirmation e-mail after I signed up. What to do?

There is a possibility that the e-mail could have been marked as ‘Spam’ by your mailbox. Henceforth, we suggest you to check your spam mail and mark the e-mail from Cric Deck as ‘Not Spam’ OR you may not have entered the correct e-mail address during registration. If the issue still persists, get in touch with us via our Business Whatsap or write to us on info@Cric Customer Support team will be happy to assist you.

My issues are not addressed in the above questions. How do I contact you?

You can reach us out through the given email: or call us on +91-8291234567


How to withdraw money from my Cric Deck account?

You can withdraw money from the winnings account in your Cric Deck wallet once your account is verified. This verification is a one-time process and doesn’t need to be repeated unless you wish to make changes to your account. Once your account is verified, you can withdraw the desired amount (as per current rule of minimum and maximum withdrawal) and it will be deposited into your bank account within 3-5 working days or in your wallet.

Why can’t I withdraw the Cash Bonus in my Cric Deck account?

This is a bonus amount given by Cric to you. This amount is non-withdrawable and can be used to join more contests and win more cash. Also, make sure to use the received Cash Bonus within the time frame as it comes with an expiry date.

What is the minimum & maximum amount I can withdraw from my Cric Deck account?

The minimum amount for a single withdrawal request usually is INR 100 and the maximum amount that you can withdraw in one go is INR 1000 but it is subject to change and limits can be changed but always visible on your withdrawal cash screen.

What bank account details do I need to provide for withdrawal/verification?

We’ve got the payment gateway. You will have various options to choose, like crypto wallet, paytm/google pay, bank transfers.


How do Leaderboard Rankings work?

A: Leaderboard Rankings are based on the total of fantasy points accumulated by the teams created for the matches during a series or the period for which the Leaderboard is active.

NOTE: In case you played with more than 1 team in a multi-entry match, both the Team Fantasy Points will be considered for leaderboard rankings.

What are the different types of Leaderboards?

A: Leaderboards are broadly divided into 2 categories:

1. Series/Tournament Leaderboards

These leaderboards keep a track of a player’s performance on a per series basis. For example, If there’s a 5-match ODI series, the fantasy points of the best team in each of those 5 matches for an individual player will be accumulated for the leaderboard.These leaderboards are available for Fantasy Auction.

2. Match Leaderboards

These leaderboards keep a track of a player’s performance on a per match basis. For example, if there is a match happening today, the fantasy points of the user team of the respective match and respective contest in which the player has participated will be accumulated for the leaderboard.

Which teams are considered for Leaderboards?

Only the teams that have been enrolled in a cash contest or practice contest will be considered for the Leaderboard!

How much time does it take to declare Leaderboard Winnings?

After the last match of a particular series or when a particular match ends, it takes 2-10 hours at least for us to display the final leaderboard score!


What is Fantasy Cricket?

Cricket is not just a sport, but it is a feeling in India. Playing and loving cricket is considered as equivalent to worshiping god. And, to make the audience more comfortable, more lively, and more interactive with the game, the term fantasy cricket was evolved. The term Fantasy and Cricket go hand in hand, it is to play fantasy cricket match while living your fantasy. Fantasy sports cricket is the most addictive thing you can do on your phone except perhaps having cocaine.

Fantasy cricket is actually an online sports game for the cricket fans to strategize and get new insights into the game and playing an online cricket match with a team of their friends, family, and all other fans. It is an online game where the player can make a team of his own using his managerial skills and directorial skills, comprising of captain, vice-captain, wicket keeper, baller, batter, and thus score points according to the performance of the team in the match.

The latest addition to the online fantasy cricket world was that of Real Time Fantasy. There instead of picking the team before the start of the match, you can make a prediction on how the game will be carried out. Will it be in your favor or against you? The prediction like how many runs will be scored in the next over or the runs scored by a batsman can be made. If your prediction goes correct, boom, you earn bonus points.

Although, it is to be mentioned that online "fantasy cricket is a game of sports that is to be won by skills and not just a betting and gambling game". This is because no user picks a single team, rather different users/sports fans have to use their skills to choose the highest-scoring team.

How to Get Started with Cric Deck Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy Sports League11 (Cric Deck) is an online gaming platform that provides the best experience in playing online fantasy cricket. It offers a wide variety of games and like cricket and football and has one of the best gaming experiences of all time. As one of the leading game websites, Cric Deck has specifically crafted as the most innovative & enticing best fantasy cricket game for Indian sports fans.

At Cric Deck, you can play all types of fantasy cricket games like T20, T10, IPL, an international tournament, and the schedule of these games is mentioned before time which gives you time to make your team and analyze the strategy. But, Cric Deck is not affiliated in any way and claims no association, in any capacity whatsoever, with the Board of Control for Cricket in India ("BCCI"), the Indian Premier League ("IPL") or any IPL franchise (other than where especially started). Cric Deck acknowledges that the BCCI/IPL and its franchises own all proprietary names and marks to the IPL.

Is Playing Fantasy Cricket Legal?

Yes, playing fantasy sports is legal in India barring the states of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland & Telangana as per government rules. Fantasy sports games are now considered as a game of skill in India and are played by millions of sports enthusiasts every day. Check more about Indian Fantasy Cricket on our website.

Is Pro Games League Safe for Playing Fantasy Cricket Games?

Playing fantasy cricket on Pro games league is absolutely safe, secure, and legal. Except for the states of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Telangana, fantasy cricket is available for every other state and UT of India.

How Do You Win in Fantasy Cricket?

To win money in fantasy cricket, first, download and install the Pro Games Legue fantasy cricket app, choose a match, select a contest and build your Cric Deck fantasy team to challenge your peers and get a chance to win cash. Check out all fantasy cricket tips on our website to win every game.

How to earn money through fantasy cricket?

In the game of fantasy cricket, the All-rounder and Wicket keeper are likely to get you a better score. The dual role of the all-rounder and wicket-keeper not only adds to basic game points but helps score bonus points as well. Also, the captain would earn you 2X points while the vice-captain would earn you 1.5X points. So, to earn maximum returns, make sure to create the right mix of teams with strong players